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Summer 2016

“Rise Before the Aged” For years CFOIC Heartland supporters have taken the lead in helping the senior citizens of Tekoa. From providing much needed dental aid for an elderly immigrant, to assisting the community’s “Meals on Wheels” program; you, our devoted supporters, have been there to help. Recently, social workers from the Gush Etzion Regional … Read more

Changing Realities Create Unexpected Opportunities

Tuesday, July 5, 2016   I spent last week in the UK on a speaking tour.  I met people and addressed audiences in England, Scotland and Wales and enjoyed every minute of it (except the cold rainy weather of course!)  But arriving in Great Britain just 2 days after the dramatic results of the Brexit … Read more

The Politics of Israel – The What and The Who

Tuesday, June 7, 2016   This has been a very political few weeks in Israel and I know many of our friends outside of Israel find it difficult to keep it all straight.  So I thought I would try and clarify things a bit. A year ago, there were national elections in Israel and the … Read more

The Lies That Surround Us

Tuesday, May 4 ,2016 A top news story today focused on recent statements by members of the British Labor Party against Israel.  One after the other, these politicians said some of the most horrible and anti-Semitic things about Israel and the Jewish people.  There was an accusation that Israel supports ISIS and was behind the … Read more