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Newsletters - Part 79

Winter 2015

A Sense of Peace For Mechola The people of Mechola are no strangers to terror. The community’s homes are open to the roads where there is a great deal of Palestinian traffic, leaving residents extremely vulnerable. Years ago, CFOIC Heartland helped set up surveillance cameras at key points in the community. Now Mechola has learned […]

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Taking Responsibility For the Miracle of Israel

January 2015 The news in Israel has been focusing on two main topics in recent weeks: the upcoming elections and ongoing revelations of corruption in government circles.  With regard to the elections, the news is full of intrigue and spin. Great fun to follow but I’m not sure how relevant it all is to the […]

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Seeking Wisdom in Our Political Leaders

Tuesday, December 2, 2014 For weeks now, the government has been in election mode.  Despite the fact that there are many issues that need to be debated seriously, the politicians sense that elections are in the air and direct their comments more towards their own constituency than towards an efficient solution to any given problem. […]

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Connecting To Shabbat – Around The World

Tuesday, November 4, 2014 On Sunday night, November 2,  I ran a Shabbat dinner in Amarillo, Texas, hosted by a wonderful friend of CFOIC Heartland, Mike Isely and his group Texans for Israel.   I have run programs of this sort in a number of different countries for the past few years, but it never ceases […]

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