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Rebekah – deceiver or prophetess

A Biblical character who I think has always gotten a bit of a bum rap in Christianity is Rebekah.  From my experience in Sunday School, church sermons and in conversation with others, she is usually portrayed as a conniving, deceitful woman.  After all, she did instruct and help Jacob deceive his father Isaac and “steal” … Read more

Re-Living Passover

This re-living of the Passover story is a monumental event in the Jewish calendar, and every year, families convene to celebrate together.

From Generation to Generation

You, the wonderful donors of CFOIC Heartland, have ensured this generational remembrance. Because of you, future generations will know exactly how the ultimate fulfillment of God’s promise to Abraham began:

Corona in Israel

As we approach Passover, we are reminded of the first Passover the Children of Israel celebrated in Egypt:  “And you, no man should leave the door of his house until morning and the Lord will pass to strike Egypt… And he will not allow the destroyer to come to your houses and strike.”  (Exodus 12:22-23)  May G-d protect us all, and keep us all safe from this terrible plague, as we remain in our homes, reminding ourselves of that first miracle Passover thousands of years ago, praying for redemption.