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Discussions about Messiah

The concept of Messiah is a Jewish concept rooted in the words of the Biblical prophets. Jews have been waiting for Messiah to come for centuries. Christianity was born out of the Jewish Messianic hope but Christians believe that the Messiah has already come in the form of Jesus and are waiting for his second coming. What are the differences between the Jewish and Christian beliefs regarding Messiah and are there any commonalities between them?

Sondra Oster Baras, an Orthodox Jew who has devoted her life to reaching out to Christians all over the world to bless Israel, presents a Jewish perspective on Messiah while her colleague Kim Troup, US Director of CFOIC Heartland, and Tommy Waller, Director of HaYovel, both Christian Zionists, explain how their attitudes towards Messiah differ from the Jewish one. You will be encouraged by the atmosphere of love and respect that permeates this interesting discussion on a critical issue that divides Christianity and Judaism. Watch this video and pass it on to your friends!

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Zionism and the actual return of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel have long been seen by Religious Jews as part of the Redemptive Process prophesied in the Bible. The settlement movement has grown out of that understanding, as Jews believe that settling the land is their attempt to take part in this Redemption. The people of Dolev chose to settle in a particularly isolated area of Samaria, surrounded by hostile Arab villages. The risks are huge, but well worth it as part of the wait for Messiah. You can help protect the people of Dolev even as they hold on to their precious piece of the Land of Israel.



Date: 13 Sep, 2020

You are like blind men, arguing about what an elephant is. To one, an elephant is like a tree, to another an elephant is like a rope, and to another, an elephant is like a snake. As each person argues for their biased perspective. This is shocking, because the truth is singular, and you are too blind to see it. For instance, is not a loving mother God's representative, to her newborn baby? So, when looking for God's love, this baby looks for Mum's love, as though she is God, to her newborn baby, in some tangible way. If a lamb trusts God to save it from a lion, and I shoot the lion, have I usurped God's authority, just because the lamb sees me as God? All limited intelligence is permitted to regard all loving higher-intelligence, as God, because from a spiritual perspective, God's love flows through His Creation, which is why the Bible calls certain angelic messengers, God... even though God said, that no one could see His face, and live. So, when you know the truth, that God like a tree, with three main branches, leading up to millions of loving mothers, nurturing their children, you can see that God is entirely singular, and can be represented by the singular trunk of this tree. Although, further up this tree, God can also be represented by the three main branches, which refers to the Christian Trinity. Yet, a primitive tribesman is permitted to worship a missionary's plane, as it flied overhead, as God, in preparation to accept God's messenger, when he finally arrives, without it being regarded as idolatry.