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Newsletters - Part 41


Beste vrienden, Ik besef dat het nog maar Juli is maar ik denk dat het niet te vroeg is om al aan Oktober te denken. Voor Joden is dat makkelijk. Na het einde van Shavuot (Pinksteren) een paar weken geleden is ons volgende feest eind September als de weken van de najaarsfeesten beginnen met Rosh […]

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A Rose Among Thorns

In just one afternoon, I’d fallen in love with the strong pioneering attitude of the residents, the winding roads and lush greenery and bright homes, and the magnificent sunset panoramas of Einav. It is a place so vital to the pumping heartbeat of the Biblical Heartland, and a place well worth protecting.

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Do you want to visit the Holy Land?

Do you want to visit the Holy Land?  I can remember as a child dreaming of a visit to the Land of Israel.  In those days, it was such a far-fetched idea, that it seemed as realistic as flying to the moon.  I still remember my very first trip to Israel, the incredible rush of emotion as the plane touched down at Ben Gurion Airport.  As the palm trees flashed by the window, I was unable to stop the tears flowing down my face.  My heart was so full and I hadn’t even stepped foot off of the plane yet!  Even today, I still get that same rush of emotion every time my plane touches down on the runway at Ben Gurion. There is nothing like coming home to Israel.

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