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Nahala Christians

Margy and David Pezdirtz

Margy and David Pezdirtz

No Hidden Agenda Margy and David Pezdirtz have had a heart for the Jewish people and Israel from before they can remember. And since becoming Christians and their first trip to Israel in 1984, they are stalwart supporters whose actions speak louder than words – Margy and David own an apartment in Jerusalem and spend … Read more

Meet Christian Zionists

Stand Up For Israel Meet Christian Zionists who are making a difference. Standing up for the land and people of Israel wherever they live and however they can to support the Jews living in Judea and Samaria.     Faye Sinclair – An Unshakable Love… an Unwavering Faith – Faye Sinclair was born in Texas … Read more

Victor Schlatter – Teacher of the Tribes

In 1957, Victor Schlatter was a young American nuclear scientist, when G-d decided He had other plans in store for him!  After retraining in linguistics and Bible translation, He and his wife Elsie with their young family of four moved across the world to Papua New Guinea, where, in a “South Pacific Stone Age scenario” … Read more

Marion Shin – Prayer in Action

Marion and Shirley

Marion Shin was only nine when the Japanese bombed Hong Kong. She and her single mother escaped as occupation refugees to Mainland China. After her mother died, she was adopted and moved to America. She never knew a father’s love until one day when she remembers going off to the beach in Florida and crying … Read more

Faye Sinclair – An Unshakable Love… an Unwavering Faith

Faye Sinclair was born in Texas in 1929; to a family that always felt the Jews were G-d’s special people. After completing a master’s degree in Organic Chemistry, Faye decided she was destined to be a medical missionary. At 26 she started medical school and specialized in Pathology – pretty rare for a woman in … Read more