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Miketz (The End) – Genesis 41:1 – 44:17

Torah (1)

Why didn’t Joseph’s brothers recognize him? His clothing disguised his identity, and the brothers were deceived by their own eyes. This thread of clothing and disguise is woven throughout the story of Jacob and his twelve sons. Find out why the Shema is prayed with covered eyes and why we must listen with our ears and hearts. Join Shmuel for portion Miketz!

3 thoughts on “Miketz (The End) – Genesis 41:1 – 44:17”

  1. Interesting line on Joseph here. The difference is highlighted between the seen and the unseen (with the naked eye) . I guess that what is seen is temporary but the unseen, which needs spiritual perception, is eternal. Joseph’s contribution had an ‘eternal’ and everlasting result for Israel which was only ‘perceived’ late in the developments of Joseph and his brothers.


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