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Community at a Glance: Gevaot

This month, we will be showcasing Gevaot, a truly special community in Judea.  There is no better place to kick off this beautiful new series than this small community.

In Gevaot, special needs children and young adults are not only accepted as they are, regardless of their needs; they are celebrated!

A special needs student weaves a basket at Sadna in Gevaot

The community of Gevaot provides special-needs children and adults with opportunities to grow and develop, as they live side-by-side with neurotypical residents.  With your help, Sadna can offer a better future for its special needs’ children, enabling them to become contributing members of society.

Two students weaving a basket in Sadna

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  1. please tell me more/ where are you located. i am an american older woman, retired social worker, looking for meaningful volunteer work. live in Jerusalem.


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