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Projects | Christian Friends of Israeli Communities

The projects are those specific requests presented to CFOIC by the respective community for assistance and/or complete financing. Each request is accompanied by a thorough statement as to why the project is needed, the goals for the project, and it’s targeted completion date. Of course, all completion dates are contingent on the finances received for that specific project.

Adorah: Fitness Center

$6,920.00 Donated
$6,920.00 Goal

Even a small donation will do so much to help these dedicated pioneers grow their community, as you provide them with safe and healthy recreation opportunities within the safety of their own community.

Alon Surveillance Cameras

$34,600.00 Donated
$34,600.00 Goal

Emergency equipment is key to protecting this isolated community. With your donation today, you can help the remarkable people of Alon stand proud, safe and strong as they build their homes and raise their families on this beautiful piece of God’s land.

Argaman Security

$5,170.00 Donated
$5,170.00 Goal

The people of Argaman have poured so much of themselves into their community, turning it into a beautiful paradise founded on their ancestral, Biblical land. Now they are turning to you for help. Please join us in providing vital security equipment for Argaman’s rapid response team, so we can help the families of this wonderful community thrive in safety.

Bat Ayin – The Gift of Learning

$13,419.00 Donated
$29,410.00 Goal

With your help, this incredible place of learning will be able to continue its work, continue to offer a space for young Jews to study and reconnect with their faith. Help them keep this dream alive!

Bet Hagai Youth Village

$17,979.10 Donated
$111,095.00 Goal

Bet Hagai is miraculously giving these lost boys a sense of normalcy, a way of pulling themselves up with pride, by teaching them the joys of hard work and productivity. When you connect with Bet Hagai you are helping broken, hurting teens become strong young men. Your donation today is an investment in Israel’s future.

Bet Yatir Daycare Center

$17,783.13 Donated
$31,145.00 Goal

Investing in the children of Bet Yatir is an investment in the future of this wonderful pioneering community. Your generous gift today will help send a strong and supportive message to the people of Bet Yatir that they are not alone. Your donation is a statement that you stand with them as they raise their families and deepen their roots in the Land of Israel.

CFOIC Heartland Israel

$18,031.04 Donated
$100,000.00 Goal

The work done by the Israeli staff is often unseen and unacknowledged, but they truly are the heartbeat that keeps this work alive in Israel.