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Dolev Stories

Below are a collection articles and/or videos that feature Dolev if you would like to learn more about this amazing community:

_Community @ Glance Dolev

Community at a Glance: Dolev

This is the series you have been waiting for – the chance to visit communities in Judea and Samaria, from the comfort of your home, and catch a glimpse of life in each and every

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thank you with kids

The Thanks Belong to You!

A few weeks ago, we held our first annual CFOIC Heartland Conference of Judea and Samaria communities. This was a dream of mine for some time — to gather together in one room the representatives of all the communities we work with as well as the various mayors, to share experiences and ideas and just interact with one another.

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Copy of 960x540 Bat Ayin I (14)


Music can do so much for teenagers, especially those living in an isolated community in Samaria. The people of Dolev want to support and encourage their teens by creating a new music center for them.

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cover pic 3

Heartland Story-Saving Lives in Dolev

It was a quiet Saturday morning last spring, in the pastoral community of Dolev, when suddenly the Sabbath peace was interrupted. As he monitored the surveillance cameras’ live feed, Zev, Dolev’s security guard, noticed two

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