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Community at a Glance: Kfar Adumim


This is the series you have been waiting for – the chance to visit communities in Judea and Samaria, from the comfort of your home, and catch a glimpse of life in each and every community.

Surrounded by expansive breathtaking Judean desert views, the community of Kfar Adumim is strategically vital to securing the corridor between Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley. Kfar Adumim’s founders were idealistic pioneers committed to creating a close-knit diverse community that celebrates religious differences in Biblical Israel. Today, Kfar Adumim has over 350 families who remain true to its founders’ mission while caring and honoring the founding residents who have reached their golden years. The people of Kfar Adumim pride themselves on being a truly diverse community, where secular and religious families and people of all ages harmoniously live, work, and educate their children together, while settling the Biblical Heartland.

Join me in our new episode of Community at a Glance, as we visit Kfar Adumim. May God bless us all with good health, and may we meet in person soon, to tour Kfar Adumim, where we will visit with the people you are meeting today on film.

Shalom from Samaria,

Sondra Oster Baras
Director, Israel Office
CFOIC Heartland

Like the veteran seniors of Kfar Adumim, in Eshkolot, a remote and small community in another part of Judea, the founding generation is older and in need of special care. The people of Eshkolot, just south of Hebron, wish to honor and care for their beloved founding members by establishing a seniors’ center, where they can socialize and participate in regular enrichment programs. These resilient founding pioneers deserve to be cared for and cherished in their golden years for their courage and dedication to settling the Biblically and strategically significant area between Hebron and Beersheba. Your contribution will honor Eshkolot’s aging pioneers and provide them with a better quality of life, in the Biblical Heartland. 

2 thoughts on “Community at a Glance: Kfar Adumim”

  1. GREAT IDEA SONDRA!!! Wish we were there and could come back to see all the lands there , not just a quick tour there….Miss you and Israel more than you can ever comprehend!

  2. I appreciate your efforts to make this village community lives as partof the society’s we already have to 💘 them and do every thing we could to help them live better

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