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Bet Hagai Stories

Stories that feature Bet Hagai

Below are a collection articles and/or videos that feature Bet Hagai if you would like to learn more about this amazing community:


Thank you for touching lives

Spring of 2017 Nothing is more painful than standing helplessly by as a child is marginalized by society—no matter the reason. We believe that all children deserve a chance to become the best version of

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Bet Hagai Youth

Our Emotional Visit to the Bet Hagai Youth Village

The Bet Hagai Youth Village is an extraordinary project that was undertaken by its pioneering founders as a way of strengthening Israeli society. The village provides loving group homes and house parents for teenage boys, many of whom come broken in spirit and from broken homes.  Bet Hagai enables them to enter adulthood with hope and a healing of their souls.

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Copy of 960x540 Bat Ayin I (71)

Bet Hagai

The troubled boys who have come to the Bet Hagai Youth Village need clothes, shoes, and after-school enrichment programs. Your generous gift to the Bet Hagai Youth Village is a gift towards Israel’s future leaders.

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