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A Visit With Shmuel: Yakir

Join me now, as I enter Yakir...

I have visited Yakir many times, but this time I was blown away by how far it has come. Yakir is a well-established, cohesive, and active community located in the lush rolling hills of western Samaria. The largest in a cluster of three Jewish communities, including Havot Yair and Nofim. Established 41 years ago by religious Zionist pioneers who wanted to settle their ancestral land, Yakir developed from a desolate hilltop to a vibrant and warm community – 430 families strong, with five preschools, an award-winning elementary school that serves several other communities in the region, and a rich religious lifestyle. It is truly a pioneering success story!

Now that Israel is finally opening its borders to tourists, it would be my pleasure to take you to visit Yakir and introduce you in person to its dedicated pioneers. But until then, please join me for this virtual tour and get a sense of this flourishing community in Samaria.

God Bless,

Shmuel Junger
Development Director
CFOIC Heartland

3 thoughts on “A Visit With Shmuel: Yakir”

  1. Good morning. I am from South Africa and Love Israel a lot and have been there once. This is a really beautiful and spiritual place . May the community continue to grow and prosper.

  2. Thank you Shmuel for this little video of Yakir. I find it very interesting to see these places and the successes of the Jews there. You have a right to be there. Jews need a homeland to call their own. How else can you express your true identity unless you live in your own land? The Arabs have many places to go, Jews don’t. I know that ultimately, the Heavenly Jerusalem is our home, but that is in the future. Now is the time for you to have your homeland given to you by HaShem: Jerusalem and the land of Israel.
    So G-d bless you in your work in showing us your progress in living in the land of your forefathers given to you by G-d.
    Thank you too for your blessing from G-d in your email.
    I’m a Christian so I appreciate very much the blessing that HaShem gives us daily.
    I don’t use the terms Shabbat Shalom. Because they are not my language which is English. But perhaps in the future I can get used to them?
    So I wish you Shmuel G-d’s blessing and peace
    With my prayers in G-d

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