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A Visit With Shmuel: Eshkolot

Join me now, as I enter Eshkolot...

This is my first visit in Eshkolot in many years and it has grown by leaps and bounds. An isolated community, utterly enveloped by enemies at the southern tip of the Hebron Hills, Eshkolot faces continuous threats from hostile neighboring Arab villages. Instead of allowing fear and terrorism to define their reality, the brave pioneers of Eshkolot have worked tirelessly to advance their vision of settling and growing a Jewish presence in the Hebron Hills, with enthusiasm and a cheerful outlook. You would not think that a community located only a few short minutes’ walk from a hostile Arab village would attract so many new families, but thanks to their strong commitment to settling the Biblical Heartland and positive attitude, these brave pioneers are celebrating their 30th year.

Of course, I would prefer to take you to Eshkolot in person and introduce you to these dedicated, wonderful pioneers. But until then, join me for this virtual tour and get a sense of this inspiring community in the Hebron Hills.

God Bless,

Shmuel Junger
Development Director
CFOIC Heartland

3 thoughts on “A Visit With Shmuel: Eshkolot”

  1. Very impressed! This demonstrates the utter stupidity of the UN, and what a totally worthless set up that is. All our western leaders are a joke as they postulate stupidities about Israel. The problem is that this has become so stupid that no one is laughing any more.
    Well done Eshkolot! Great to see this.

  2. What a beautiful Shtetl Eshkolot is. May the people be blessed for their strength and bravery and know that many of us pray for your safety and well-being. Stay strong and enjoy your Kehilla and the gorgeous views.

  3. Shmuel, I don’t know if you will get this note. I got on your list (CFOIC) a few years ago when I believe I received some maps of Israel
    from the organization. I am Jewish and do have many friends in Boston who are Christian and support Israel. I have many friends and
    family in Israel and have spent a summer on Kibbutz during university days and i have volunteered as a pediatrician in the Soroka ER
    3 different times. Through that experience, i have a close friend now, Dr Yariv Fruchtman who lives in Eshkolot. If I am able to come to Israel in 3 days, I will quarantine in his home upon arrival Friday. But tomorrow I will learn if my Elal ticket will get me to BenGurion. Then
    perhaps we can meet. lhitraot Jordan

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