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A Visit With Shmuel: Samaria Region Emergency Center

Partner with Samaria Region Fire Station https://youtu.be/2OfQzHGAVOY Israel is finally getting back to a sort of normal and we are traveling freely now.  So I was very excited to be able to visit the Samaria Regional Security Center and see for myself how the dedicated staff and volunteers of Samaria are protecting the men, women … Read more

Community at a Glance: Alei Zahav & Leshem

I first visited Alei Zahav more than 20 years ago.  It was a small, rather sleepy, community, populated almost entirely by secular Jews.  They had a strong connection to the Land of Israel and were proud of their community.  A few years later, I visited again and encountered residents who had grown older and were … Read more

Passover: Celebrating Freedom

On Passover, Jews celebrate the Exodus from Egypt, that defining moment in Jewish history when they went from a motley group of slaves to a nation of God. Freedom is an important theme of the holiday but what does freedom mean?

Introduction to an Orthodox Jewish Passover Seder

Each year, and for thousands of years, Jews celebrate the Holiday of Passover with a special Seder meal, reminiscent of the final meal in Egypt just hours before the Exodus. But the Jewish seder is full of traditions, Biblical and post-Biblical texts, matzah, wine, unique food samplings, and of course children! This is your unique opportunity to really understand what a Jewish seder is all about

Judea and Samaria must Continue to Flourish!

by Sondra BarasMarch 2, 2021 A report was recently published with updated statistics on population growth in Judea and Samaria.  The numbers are so encouraging!  There are more than 475,000 people living in Judea and Samaria today, representing a growth of close to 3% in 2020 alone and a 17% growth rate over the last … Read more

Esther, Mordecai and the Challenges of Exile

Each year, Jews all over the world celebrate the holiday of Purim. They celebrate the miracle of salvation as described in the Book of Esther, with special prayers in the synagogue, public readings of Esther, festive meals, gifts of sweet food packages to neighbors and friends and charity to the poor.  There is a spirit of … Read more

Bereisheet (In the Beginning) Genesis 1:1 – 6:8

We begin the cycle again. Last weekend we celebrated Simchat Torah and read the final chapters of Deuteronomy with special ceremony. We then proceeded to read the first chapter of Genesis, as a way of saying that the Torah never ends, but every ending includes with it a new beginning.

Zoom Meetings with Danny Ehrlich

https://youtu.be/FKqi_3ZXBk8https://youtu.be/x5X0-7SGKL8 Click here for slides from Jerusalem Zoom Click here for slides from Capernaum Zoom Click here for slides from The Shoah Zoom

Street Prayer Services

February 2, 2021by Sondra Baras Prayer is central to Judaism.  Jews pray to G-d, talk to G-d, sing to G-d, informally and whenever they feel the need.  Perhaps the Jew best known for his informal talks with G-d is Tevye, the milkman, from Fiddler on the Roof.  My favorite is when he turns to  G-d, … Read more