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                                                               Was können wir alle vom Sabbat lernen Liebe Freunde, Als ich kürzlich in den USA war, wurde ich eingeladen, ein Schabbatessen im Haus eines … Read more

Bo (Go) – Exodus 10:1 – 13:16

This week’s Torah portion includes the final three plagues and the beginning of the exodus. It also includes the instructions for the celebration of the Passover holiday and the procedure for the sacrifice of the lamb.

Vaera (And I Appeared) – Exodus 6:2 – 9:35

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email Print Are we ready for redemption? This week’s portion begins with Exodus 6:2. God speaks to Moses and explains to him that He is the God who appeared to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, that He hears the suffering of the Children of Israel and that He will keep His promise with … Read more

Bible Study via Zoom

Samuel: Anointing the Kings of Israel In the book of Judges, we followed close to 400 years of Jewish settlement in the Land of Israel. There is no national government and the leaders are temporary and regional. The nation moves between times of trouble and times of quiet, between devotion to God and submission to … Read more

Vayechi (And He [Jacob] Lived) – Genesis 47:28 – 50:26

This week we read the final chapters of Genesis. Jacob is approaching the end of his life. We are told that he lived until the age of 147 and that he spent the last 17 years of his life in Egypt. Just before his death, he blesses his grandchildren, Ephraim and Menashe, and then blesses each of his sons.