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Israel Under Attack

Give Trusted News Sites Please share these updates on Social Media or forward to your friends! Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email Print WhatsApp Facebook Tuesday, February 6, 2024 Recently the CFOIC staff delivered shabbat boxes to Nofei Nehemia. Each box contained chicken, multiple salads, challah, and everything necessary for a delicious Shabbat dinner! Many of the … Read more

A Rosh Hashanah teaching – with Sondra Oster Baras

CFOIC Heartland is pleased to bring you a Rosh Hashana teaching, presented by CFOIC Heartland’s International President Sondra Baras It’s a teaching you don’t want to miss! I hope you enjoyed my most recent Torah Portion teaching. Each week Jews read and study the Torah Portion, around the world, in Israel, and especially in the … Read more


                                                               Unsere Familie – unsere Identität und unsere Stärke   Liebe Freunde, Wo immer ich hinkomme und wann immer ich einige unserer christlichen Freunde treffe, … Read more