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Today We Weep

Margy Pezdirtz

July 2008

Karnit Goldwasser had been a bride for a month the day her husband, Ehud Goldwasser, walked a security fence in Northern Israel with his friend and fellow soldier, Eldad Regev. Now she is a widow.

The world has stood back and watched for two years while the lovely Karnit faced the Israeli Knesset, the world media and Ahmadinejad, all in an attempt to do what the Israeli government could not or would not do – free her husband. Accompanied by her husband’s parents and the Regev family, the tireless bride’s fight continued through the halls of democracy, pleading for help. Today, her wish was granted. Her bridegroom husband came home in a black box.

Karnit Goldwasser and her family, along with the family of Eldad Regev, weep in anguish over the loss of their loved ones. Just a few miles away, Israel’s Jihad driven neighbors rejoice over the return of a consummate murderer whom they have deemed a hero!
Goldwasser and Regev were reserve soldiers guarding a fence. They were not in combat. They were there to protect the Israeli border and their families from terrorist insurgents when they were taken captive by Hezbollah on July 12, 2006. Their capture was the final push from the Hezbollah to lure Israel into war in Southern Lebanon. That war brought a higher than usual casualty list to Israel’s military and despair for other Israeli families whose war dead were returned with the bodies of Goldwasser and Regev.

While Israel weeps over her dead sons, Lebanon and Hezbollah rejoice over the return of their renown murderer, Samir Kuntar, and four other terrorists, along with one hundred and ninety-nine bodies of long sense dead terrorist enemies of Israel. Banners of rejoicing are already flying from many buildings in Lebanon over their returned hero Kuntar who killed a husband, a child and a police officers in his reign of terror in Nahariya, a seaside city on the beautiful Mediterranean coast.

On April 22, 1979, Kuntar and his terrorist cell, slipped into Nahariya through the darkness of night, broke into the home of Danny and Smadar Haran, grabbed Danny and his four year old daughter, Einat, and drug them to the nearby shore. When they encountered the police Kuntar shot Danny Haran in the head at close range while his little girl watched her daddy murdered. To make sure his victim was dead Kuntar brutally held Haran’s head under water. But his savage rage wasn’t complete. Pouring out his hatred on Haran’s little daughter, Kuntar pushed pre-schooler Einat against a rock and bashed her small, delicate skull in with his rifle butt.

Smadar Haran, Danny’s wife and Einat’s mother, in an attempt to save her other two children, hid in the bedroom crawlspace of their home, inadvertently smothering her two-year-old daughter, Yael, trying to keep them hidden from the terrorists.
There was a gunfight between Israeli police and Kuntar’s terrorist cell, that killed an Israeli police officer and two of the terrorist. Kuntar and his cohort, Ahmed al-Abras, were captured and imprisoned in Israel. Al-Abras was released in May 1985 by another prisoner exchange known as the Jibril deal.

Life goes on for the freed terrorist. They will party. They will plan. They will kill again.
Karnit Goldwasser will bury her husband tomorrow morning. Regev’s family will bury their son tomorrow afternoon. Hezbollah will party all day and long into the night.

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