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The Land of Israel


The Land of Israel

For years, we have been talking about the Land of Israel. It is a land holy to both Jews and Christians and people of both faiths are responding to current events in Israel from a Biblical perspective. But how do Christians and Jews each see the Land? How can we stand together against those from both the secular and the Christian worlds who do not support the Jewish right to the Land of Israel?

Kimberly Troup, Christian Zionist director of CFOIC Heartland’s US office, and Tommy Waller, also a Christian Zionist, share their perspectives on the Land of Israel and how and why they both decided to dedicate their lives to blessing Israel. Sondra Oster Baras, an Orthodox Jew who has devoted her life to reaching out to Christians all over the world to bless Israel, shares a Jewish perspective on the Land of Israel, reflecting on the intimate and long-standing nature of the Jewish connection with the Land. If you have wondered why so many Christians don’t share your love of Israel or if you are frustrated over the international community’s hostile attitude towards Israel, this video will help you respond to these challenges. Watch this video and pass it on to your friends!

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