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Exploring the Spiritual Lessons of the Fruits of Israel

Tu B’Shvat celebration – the 15th day in the Hebrew month of Shvat – is referred to as the “new year for the trees.” Although not explicitly mentioned in the Bible, Tu B’Shvat has come to represent our connection to the Land of Israel.

Tekoa Thanks You

The people of Tekoa have prepared a special short video for you to thank you for your generous support for their community over the years. Thanks to you and other generous CFOIC Heartland donors, we have been able to assist Tekoa with vital security needs, as well as educational and cultural programs.

Community at a Glance: Tekoa

Join me in our newest Community at a Glance video, where we visit Tekoa. Home to over 200 artists, Tekoa wishes to nurture its community’s affinity for culture and arts. It has recently created a local artists’ center, a hub for the arts in Biblical Israel, and a center of spiritual creativity.

The people of Tekoa are safer because of you!

The people of Tekoa gathered the strength to keep going, working, building, believing that settling the land and raising children in the Biblical heartland, with their strong values, are the best ways they can contribute to Israel’s future.