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Gush Etzion

November 2023 Heartland Highlight: Tekoa Art Center

Tekoa needs your help to complete its vision of creating a vibrant contemporary art center in the Biblical Heartland. The Madeleine Greenwald Art Center provides a unique venue for local and visiting artists to create, collaborate, and share their pioneering and Israeli experiences.

Gush Etzion

The Gush Etzion Regional Council needs surveillance and security installations to protect and defend Jewish communities from the constant threat of terrorism. The dedicated pioneers of Gush Etzion have returned to resettle their ancestral homeland. Protecting a Jewish Presence in the Land Click here for more project details The Gush Etzion Regional Council desperately needs … Read more

Gush Etzion Yeshiva Security

The people of Gush Etzion are building a new yeshiva campus and need your help with security installments to protect their students and staff from terrorist harm. Your donation will keep this new campus safe! Protecting the Boys Click here for more project details The people of Gush Etzion are building a new Yeshiva campus … Read more

Virtual Visit to Migdal Oz and Oz V’Gaon

Today Hebron and Kiryat Arba are full of Jews who have come from all over Israel and from all over the world, to settle in the first Jewish city in history.

The True Leaders of Israel

Political leaders are not our heroes. These men and women are.  They are the ones who are making a difference in the lives of so many.  And thanks to you, our loyal supporters and friends, these heroes have been able to turn their values and dreams into action, to help the People and settle the Land of Israel.

Peace of Mind in Migdal Oz

Should there be a house fire, a car accident, or any emergency situation, the emergency personnel need to know where to go to give aid, and they need to be able to call for help. Can you imagine their frustration watching a house burn down and not being able to reach the main fire department because they can’t get a signal on their cell phone? This is exactly why Migdal Oz is asking for your help.

The Nations Are Seeking Out Israel Eager to Learn Torah!

Sondra Baras

From the four corners of the earth, the nations are seeking out Israel, eager to learn and understand G-d’s word as it emanates from Jerusalem.  We are witness to the fulfillment of this prophecy.  We are living in amazing times when the nations are seeking out the word of G-d from Jerusalem, asking the people of Israel to share the wisdom of centuries of intense Bible study.