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Passover 2012

Help Families in Israel



There are over 100,000 Jews currently living in Samaria. Due to unemployment, budget cutbacks, and terrorism, many find themselves in a precarious financial situation. For these families, Passover brings an added burden to their limited budgets. They strongly desire to fulfill their covenant with G-d by observing this Biblical mandate, but many struggle to provide even the most basic necessities.   Please join with us as we provide assistance to families in Samaria during Passover. We can help these great men and women of faith by providing necessary food items for their Seder meal. Every donation helps these families celebrate the important fact that … “Once we were slaves, and now we are free.” – Shira Schwartz

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Support Special Needs Camps


Heart of Benjamin Activity “And this day shall become a memorial for you, and you shall observe it as a festival for the L-rd, for your generations, as an eternal decree shall you observe it.” (Exodus 12:14-17) Passover season for the Jewish people is an especially meaningful time when they celebrate the Festival of Freedom. For families with special needs children, this can be an especially challenging time, as well.   During Passover, there is a 3 week long vacation which is difficult for parents as they try to juggle work schedules, care for their other children, and proper care for their special needs children. The “Heart of Benjamin” program operates camps for children during Passover to offer exciting recreational experiences, such as nature hikes, and visits to zoos, or amusement parks. This program includes bulletproof transportation, food, and supplies, and allows parents to work and carry on with their regular routine.   donate now buttonBy donating to CFOIC for the Passover Projects, you help these struggling Jewish families to fulfill their covenant with G-d and, in doing so, you, too, will be blessed in accordance with Genesis 12:3.   You may make a donation online though PayPal or if you prefer, you may call the CFOIC office at 1-800-647-3344 for a credit card donation. If you prefer to mail a check, please mail it to:

CFOIC Heartland, P O Box 50833, Colorado Springs, CO 80949-0833 U.S. & Canada

All other countries: CFOIC Heartland, P O Box 752, Ginot Shomron, Israel

Thank you for blessing Israel.</s