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October 2020

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October 2020

Dear Friend of Israel,

A few weeks ago, a small community in the Hebron Hills, just south of Biblical Hebron, was evacuated just before Shabbat.  Palestinian Arabs from a neighboring village set fire to the bushes and wild grasses on the outskirts of the community and the fire was spreading fast.  The homes on the outskirts of the community were in grave danger, not only because of their proximity to the flames but also because they were mobile homes (caravans), constructed of extremely flammable material. 

Arson has become a serious weapon in the Palestinian war of terror against Jews.  Whether it’s the incendiary balloons and explosive devices launched across the fence from Gaza to Southern Israel, or fires set on the outskirts of communities, these terrorists want to harm Jews.  They want to kill us. They want to destroy our crops.  And they want to burn down our houses.  Thank G-d, they rarely succeed in harming homes or people but the damage they have done to the agriculture in the south is horrific indeed.

I recently received a call from the mayor of the Southern Hebron Hills region and he shared with me the enormous challenge that Arab arson poses to the small communities in his area.  It is an area on the edge of the Negev and especially in the summer months, the area is terribly dry and particularly susceptible to fires.  Mayor Damri pleaded with me to help them purchase fire equipment, as well as other vital emergency needs.  I promised him I would do my best to raise the necessary funds. 

Will you make a donation today to help Mayor Damri and the wonderful people of the Hebron Hills region, as well as residents of small communities all over Judea and Samaria protect families and save lives?  When fire strikes from natural causes, it is bad enough.  But when vicious people set fires to harm others, it is truly evil.  And we cannot let evil prevail. 

May G-d bless you richly for all you have done and continue to do for Israel.  Stay safe and keep healthy!!


Sondra Oster Baras
Director, Israel Office

P.S. Please consider making a donation to help protect families or provide therapy to those who are hurting. Any amount you can give to help purchase emergency equipment will save lives!  In addition, we are asking you to help families in the Jordan Valley who need therapy. Whatever you can do to help either of these projects is greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your dedication to pray for and bless those living in the Biblical Heartland.


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