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November 2015 Shani Livneh

November 2015 – Shani Livneh

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Meet the children of Shani Liveh

Shani Livneh is a small community located at the southwestern edge of Judea and for years, suffered from isolation.  It was difficult to attract new families to this lonely place, with its powerful winds and rocky landscapes.  But recently, all that has changed as new families have started moving into the community in numbers.  And these families have lots of young children!


Help the Children of Shani Livneh

Imagine… a green grassy area filled with children climbing and sliding on fun playground equipment, moms exercising together on outdoor exercise equipment, or taking a break and catching up with neighborhood news while sitting on welcoming benches around the perimeter. The air is filled with the sound of children’s laughter as they chase each other in a wild game of tag, or see who can swing the highest.

With your help, Shani Livneh can create a safe and fun place where children and adults can experience the best of God’s glorious outdoors. With your gift today, you can help bring fun and fitness to the children and their parents in Shani Livneh. You can bless these brave pioneers who are living out their Biblical inheritance by possessing the land of Israel.

Visit Shani Livneh

 Located in the Southern Hebron Hills, Shani Livneh has a stunning view of the rolling Judean mountains and the Yatir Forest. You won’t want to miss a visit with the warm and friendly people who have built their homes and raised their children in these rugged mountains.  Call us today to schedule your visit to Shani Livneh and Judea at: 800-647-3344.