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Newsletters- Part 76

A Fresh Look At Peace

US Secretary of State John Kerry just spent 24 hours in Israel, trying, yet again, to jump-start negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.  When this round of US-brokered negotiations began, the parties agreed to negotiate for nine months and the US expressed confidence that an agreement would be produced at the conclusion of the nine-month […]

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Standing Tall For Israel

Today is the first day of Adar, the Hebrew month corresponding to the 11th Biblical month.  There is an ancient Hebrew saying:  “When Adar begins, we revel in happiness.”  The reason for the joyous nature of the month is the occurrence, on the 14th day of the month, of the holiday of Purim.  On this […]

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Ein Tag in Naamas Leben

Ich hatte vor kurzer Zeit die Gelegenheit mit dem Cvl Holland Tulpen Gruppe eine Reise im Jordan-Tal zu machen.  Henriette Heuvelman ist eine alte Bekannte von CFOIC Heartland. Vor einigen Jahren hatte sie Holländische Christen nach Israel um Tulpen Zwiebeln in die kleine und große Städte sowie in den Dörfer, quer durch das ganze Land, […]

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Winter 2014

Engaging With the Land at Sussya’s Yeshiva High School Sussya’s Yeshiva High School for Environmental Studies offers the students ahands-on outdoor learning curriculum that fosters a deep attachment to God,His creations, and His land. Every rock, every flower, and every path is a lesson about Biblical Israel. As the boys study the Bible about their […]

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