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We Must Rely on G-d Alone – September 2012

  The news is filled with one major issue these days — Iran!  The centrifuges continue to spin as Iran gets closer to full nuclear capability.  The US and Europe have tried sanctions with only limited success as China and Russia continue to refuse to join in the sanctions.  Ahmedinejad continues to make bold and … Read more

Israel’s Destiny

As I read the news from Israel last week I was struck by two of the stories. The first was about Arabs who had vandalized the cars of those who were gathered at the Western Wall for prayers on Tisha B’Av. The second story was about Shmuel Greenbaum’s reaction to the loss of his wife … Read more

People in My Neighborhood: Meet David Cohen

Up until 20 years ago, I lived in America, a country which preaches, rigorously, a separation of church and state.  Prayers are kept out of public school classrooms and synagogues and religious education are funded privately, by those who are interested… those who find these things important. When I moved to Israel, one of the … Read more

August 2012

Vor ein paar Wochen übergab der ehemalige Richter am Obersten Gerichtshof, Edmond Levy, einen Bericht an Premierminister Benjamin Netanyahu. Levy war von Netanyahu zum Vorsitzenden einer Kommission berufen worden, die die rechtlichen Aspekte der Kontrolle und Entwicklung von Judäa und Samaria durch Israel untersuchen sollte. In der Kommission befanden sich hoch qualifizierte Leute, die Juristen … Read more