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Maya Berretta

Maya Berretta serves as the Director of Outreach at CFOIC Heartland and radiates an undeniable love and commitment to the Holy Land. Her passion for fulfilling her sacred purpose in the Land shines brightly through her words and actions.

Born in Israel, Maya’s upbringing was not steeped in religious traditions. At the age of 15, her life took a transformative turn when her parents relocated the family to Houston, Texas. While Maya’s heart has always been deeply connected to her Jewish heritage, she grappled with defining her Jewish identity outside the land of Israel. Her quest to explore her Jewish roots ultimately led her to embrace Orthodox Judaism, adding a profound layer of purpose and meaning to her life.

Maya’s shift to Orthodox Judaism prompted her, along with her husband Gregg and their five children, to return to Israel in 2016. Driven by the powerful Biblical connection to the land, Maya and her family settled in Samaria, forging a new life deeply rooted in their Jewish tradition.

Maya holds a BA in political science from the University of Houston Honors College and earned her J.D. from the University of Houston Law Center. She practiced law in both the State of California and the State of Washington, gaining valuable experience in advocacy. Her current mission is to bridge the gap between Christians around the world and the Biblical roots of Israel. Through her work at CFOIC Heartland, she facilitates connections to the Biblical Heartland and provides donors with opportunities to make a tangible difference in God’s Land.

To contact Maya: maya@cfoic.com