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June 2021

Dear Friend of Israel,

This is a terrible time in Israel.  Violence has erupted all over the country and we are being attacked by Arabs from within, in Jerusalem and in cities all across Israel, and by Arabs in Gaza, by missiles, rockets and artillery fire.  People have been killed, including children sleeping in their beds.  And the Arabs who are participating in this terrible violence and hatred against us do not hide their ultimate agenda – the destruction of Israel and the disappearance of all Jews from the Middle East.

And yet, we continue to live our lives as normally as possible.  We make sure we know where the nearest bomb shelter is even as we continue to work and send our children to school.  Of course, every office and school has a bomb shelter nearby.  And we continue traveling the roads of Judea and Samaria even as terrorism is increasing.  Just a few weeks ago, a young man was murdered in a drive-by shooting as he was standing at a bus stop at a central junction in Samaria.  Another young man was critically wounded and may well be paralyzed.  I had my own small brush with terrorism as I returned home one evening last week – four Molotov cocktails were thrown at my car.  Miraculously I was not hurt and I was able to navigate my car between the flames that were burning on both sides of the road.

I felt protected by God.  I felt as if He had spread a shield around me and I was able to drive through the flames unharmed.  Thank you for your prayers! Indeed, we are all praying and thanking God for His mercies and His miracles.  But we also know that God expects us to do whatever we can to protect our families and keep our communities safe.  Dozens of communities have applied to us for assistance for a variety of security needs and as tensions rise, these needs become that much more acute.

If there is any way you can assist us in purchasing the emergency equipment that is so desperately needed, I would be so grateful.  Any donation, of any amount, will be such a blessing for this effort, to protect and secure the men, women and children of Judea and Samaria.  May G-d watch over you and keep you safe and healthy in days ahead.


Sondra Oster Baras

Director, Israel Office

P.S.  This month I have enclosed information on the community of Telem – they are desperate for security cameras and I hope you can help them.