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Ways YOU Can Help Israel TODAY!

During the current crisis, here are some practical ways you can help support Israel:

1. Pray!  Please pray for the protection and safety of the IDF Soldiers who are on the ground and in the air fighting Hamas in Gaza. Pray for the protection of the innocent Israeli civilians who are living night and day with air raid sirens going off giving them 15 seconds to run to a bomb-shelter. Especially remember the children who are living with incredible fear and trauma.  Summer is supposed to be a time of fun and vacation, not a time when you are afraid to leave the safety of your home because a rocket may be fired at you any second. Pray for the protection of Palestinian civilians who are being used as human shields by Hamas terrorists who do not value any human life, Palestinian, Muslim, Arab, or Jew. Pray that the Palestinian population will reject Hamas leadership and desire true peace with their Jewish Israeli neighbors. 

2. Communicate! Contact your local media and your local politicians and raise your voices on Israel’s behalf.  Educate those in your social, work and church circles about Israel. Check out the CFOIC Heartland Facebook page and help us spread the Truth on Social Media.

3. Support! Help us financially as we are working to spread the messages and help the people who are most affected by this war.  We have reached our goal of $18,000 to house families from the south in Samaria and, thank G-d, we have actually helped more than 50 families in this way.  But as the needs continue, CFOIC Heartland must be ready to respond at a moment’s notice. Support CFOIC Heartland and the people of Israel at this difficult time!

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