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Giving Thanks


Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is celebrated at the end of November in the United States. It is also celebrated in many other countries at various times of the year. The idea of giving thanks, to God, to our family and friends, to anyone who has helped us, is a universal one. When we pray, we thank God, and we praise Him. But how does that play out in the Bible, in Judaism and in Christianity?

Sondra Oster Baras, an Orthodox Jew who has devoted her life to reaching out to Christians all over the world to bless Israel, shares a Jewish perspective on thanking God, at special occasions and in daily prayers. Sondra is joined by Kimberly Troup, Christian Zionist director of CFOIC Heartland’s US office, and Tommy Waller, also a Christian Zionist, who will share their perspectives on the holiday of Thanksgiving as well as on thanking God. The conversation is dynamic and inspiring as Tommy, Kim and Sondra each reach greater understanding of what it means to give thanks. Watch this video and pass it on to your friends!

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