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Gevaot: A place to call home

Sadna is a program for physically and mentally handicapped children and young adults. The people of Sadna have created a special community in Gevaot. A place where special needs people are part of every day life. A place where they are accepted, where they belong, a place they call home.

Vivienne, Parent of a Sadna Child – “Parents of challenged children are always very vulnerable, but I had the blessing of being able to send my child to Sadna. Today I’m standing here in one of the most vibrant, empowering communities which has provided a school and an environment which is loving, safe, religious and able to give us as a family the feeling that we’ve chosen the most unique place for our child to grow… Thank you Christian Friends of Israeli Communities for the outstanding support you’ve given here to Sadna. We as a family thank you very much!”