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Jordan Valley – Help for the Hurting

$10,973.00 Donated
$20,245.00 Goal

You can help these Sabras heal their soft insides and become stronger, more productive citizens, and bring comfort and stability to this vital region of the Biblical Heartland.

Leshem – Archaeological Park

$10,210.00 Goal

The people of Leshem seek to develop and grow their relationship to the Biblical Heartland and its antiquities.

Dolev – The Gift of Music

$24,575.00 Goal

The teenagers of Dolev need a place they can call their own, a place where they can make music.

Yakir: Fire-Fighting

$20,800.00 Goal

Yakir needs your help to fight terrorist arson. This is a critical safety issue in Judea and Samaria and the people of Yakir are desperate to ensure that they have the staff and the necessary equipment to fight any fire.

Gush Etzion – Save One Person, Save the World

$151.80 Donated
$34,600.00 Goal

Youth in the Gush Etzion region have lived through gruesome terror attacks and have seen friends and relatives fall in the violence; they are in desperate need of support and structure so that they will not resort to destructive behaviors themselves.

Mechola – Leaving a Legacy

$4,260.00 Goal

The pioneers of Mechola need your help to effectively tell the story of their sacrifice, hard work, and efforts that became the thriving agricultural community of Mechola.

Gevaot Sadna – Classrooms

$51,900.00 Goal

The handicapped and special-needs children of Sadna are in dire need of a renovated classroom space to hold formal lessons. They are turning to you, longtime supporters of this one-of-a-kind program, for your help.

Leshem – Surveillance Cameras

$69,870.00 Goal

To protect their children from very real danger, the people of Leshem are turning to you. Help them purchase the vitally important surveillance equipment to keep an eagle-eyed watch on their surroundings.