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Thank YOU for helping hurting families in Israel!

Thank YOU for helping hurting families in Israel!

by Sondra Baras
March 26, 2020

Yesterday was an amazing day! Despite the almost complete lockdown in Israel, because I was responding to a vital need, I was able to travel to the office of the Mayor of the Samaria Regional Council and personally deliver close to $40,000 worth of food vouchers to be distributed to some 500 needy families in Samaria.

I also personally delivered additional food coupons to the mayor of Karnei Shomron, and with the help of righteous messengers, to needy families in Benjamin and in Gush Etzion. CFOIC Heartland donors were the first to step up to the challenge and provide immediate assistance for those in need, especially hard hit by this Coronavirus emergency.

All of this is thanks to you, our amazing friends and supporters. Take a look at this short video clip, where Samaria Mayor Yossi Dagan thanks you for the amazing help you gave to these families in need.

As you watch this clip, please realize – the thanks belong to you! But we have just begun. The needs are growing each day – If you are able, and want to help give additional food vouchers, anything you can do to help, we would be so grateful!

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