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Community at a Glance: Einav

This is the series you have been waiting for – the chance to visit communities in Judea and Samaria, from the comfort of your home, and catch a glimpse of life in each and every community. 

I remember when Einav was an easy journey from Netanya, and not too different from my own community.  But since the Oslo Accords of 1995, Einav has been isolated from the other communities of Samaria.  For years, it had trouble attracting new families because of the security threats nearby.  But they have overcome those challenges in an amazing way.  A visit to Einav today is a visit to a beautiful area of Samaria with young people who have recently joined the community alongside the old-timers, all proud of the jewel they have created in the center of Biblical Israel.   

Join me in our next Community at a Glance video which enables you to visit Einav.  And join me in a prayer that one day soon, you will be able to come with me, in person, to Einav, where we will visit with the people you are meeting today on film.

Shalom from Samaria,

Sondra Oster Baras
Director, CFOIC Heartland – Israel

The Youth in Einav need your help to complete their community park project. Your donation today will help install another swing, an outdoor BBQ, and the crown jewel of the project — a gazebo with seating encircling a chimneyed firepit, where the people of Einav can gather, to enjoy nature, to fellowship, to play music, to pray, and to study Bible!

The youth of Einav are giving back to their community and are seeking your help for their amazing initiative to create an outdoor gathering place in the woods surrounding Einav.   They worked to build this new park from dawn every day until their first zoom class began and returned to the site again as soon as their lessons were over. They cleared brush, created paths, and planted flowers. These young people have worked hard to develop an area where the founding pioneers planted trees 30 years earlier. Their enthusiasm and hard work is awe-inspiring, and their energy is contagious.