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Community at a Glance: Alei Zahav & Leshem

I first visited Alei Zahav more than 20 years ago.  It was a small, rather sleepy, community, populated almost entirely by secular Jews.  They had a strong connection to the Land of Israel and were proud of their community. 

A few years later, I visited again and encountered residents who had grown older and were worried about their lack of growth.  The younger secular generation was not as interested in settling the heart of Samaria.  They pointed to a hill nearby and noted that it might be developed into an expansion of Alei Zahav.  And the rest is history. Almost overnight Leshem grew up alongside Alei Zahav and today both communities are booming and vibrant.

Join me in our next Community at a Glance video which enables you to visit Alei Zahav and Leshem.  And take a look at the amazing ruin of a Byzantine monastery, now a lovely park, with trees planted by you, our CFOIC Heartland donors, adjacent to Leshem.  Let’s hope that one day soon we will visit this beautiful area together, in person!

Shalom from Samaria,

Sondra Oster Baras
Director, Israel Office
CFOIC Heartland

A huge threat to the safety of all those living in Samaria today is terrorist arson.
You can help protect these people by helping to build the regional fire station in Samaria.

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