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Community Development

Settling the Biblical Heartland of Israel

God called out to Abraham with a command that changed the world and changed the reality of the Jewish people: “Go forth to the Land that I will show you!”  (Genesis 12:1)  Ever since, the Jewish people have been walking towards the Land of Israel. 

Today, Jews are walking and settling in the Biblical Heartland of Israel. But when they first arrived, there was only barren, rocky land to greet them.  Only a handful of brave pioneers first heard the call to settle the land.  Equipped with a powerful faith, they pursued their vision single-mindedly – to create and develop communities in the Biblical Heartland, to bring hundreds of thousands of Jews home to their Land.  Despite the difficulties, the ongoing threats to their safety, despite opposition from all over the world, they remained faithful to God’s call on their lives – go to the land that I will show you.

Then and now, every new family who joins a community, has brought that vision closer. Every new baby born, every new home, every new business, every new school, every new park – all become vital building blocks in the restoration of Biblical Israel.

You can help look after the families who have settled the Biblical Heartland.  You can provide young mothers with the support they so desperately need when they first come home from the hospital with a new baby, so far from the urban centers where their families live.  You can establish libraries, computer resource rooms, music centers, and clubhouses.  You can plant trees to help green God’s beautiful land and provide delicious fruit to local residents.

With each gift that you make towards community development, you are laying down a foundation or adding a brick to one more structure, one more need, in the Restoration of Israel.  And the more structures you help build, the more services you help provide, the faster these communities will expand.  The Restoration of Israel Awaits us – Won’t you take part in the greatest miracle of our day?

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