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Passover: Celebrating Freedom

On Passover, Jews celebrate the Exodus from Egypt, that defining moment in Jewish history when they went from a motley group of slaves to a nation of God.  Freedom is an important theme of the holiday but what does freedom mean?  Is it the freedom to do whatever we want or is it the freedom to worship God?  And what is the meaning of freedom when it is accompanied by commandments and instructions from God? 

These are just some of the issues that are tackled in a wonderful new discussion led by Shmuel Junger, CFOIC Heartland’s Director of Development.  In addition to pointing out the meaning of Passover, both in the Bible and today, Shmuel relates the Passover story to burning issues that we are all confronting in our daily lives.  As Israel enters its fourth election campaign in under two years, the issue of leadership is critical to Israelis today.  But it is also an issue that so many people around the world are facing, as they watch or engage in heated election campaigns and as politicians continue to disappoint so many who are seeking ideologically-driven or faith-based leadership.

When the Children of Israel marked their doorposts with blood all those years ago in Egypt, they were making a stand publicly, declaring their faith in the God of Israel.  Today, as well, we all have the opportunity to declare our faith in the God of Israel and stand with the People of Israel as they settle the Land of Israel. 

You can support needy families in Israel and enable them to celebrate Passover, the Festival of Freedom, free from financial anxiety.