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A Visit With Shmuel: Bet Yatir

I am excited to introduce the first installment of my new series, A Visit with Shmuel, a  virtual 360° look at Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria. Each month, as I travel across the biblical heartland, I’ll share with you the landscapes of new Jewish communities, their biblical roots, and anecdotes about the life of its pioneers. Join me for an exclusive visit to Bet Yatir – a religious moshav in the Judean Desert, just south of Hebron. Bet Yatir’s story exemplifies idealism, pioneering, and true self-sacrifice in pursuit of fulfilling a dream.  I pray that I can soon welcome you to the Jewish homeland, and together we can tour Bet Yatir in person, visit with its inspiring residents, and enjoy wine at the local winery. Until then, join me on this virtual visit to Bet Yatir.

God Bless, 


Shmuel Junger Development Director CFOIC Heartland    

In recent years, Bet Yatir has absorbed a large influx of young families and is now home to over 100 families; Thank God, there are now more children in the community than ever before. Daycare is a crucial staple in every community, especially for those families where both parents need to work to make ends meet. With the growing number of young children, the existing daycare building was not only inadequate but also overcrowded. Bet Yatir has recently completed the construction of a new daycare building, but the community needs your help to furnish and equip the new center. Investing in the children of Bet Yatir is an investment in the future of this pioneering community. Your donation is a statement that you stand with them as they raise their families and deepen their roots in the Land of Israel. Click here to support Bet Yatir’s children today.