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Thank you for making a donation to help families in Samaria.

 Here is how YOUR donation is helping families:

Anat Thanks You

Recently Miriam, a social worker from the Samaria Regional Council, phoned a single mother of five small children.  During the conversation, this mom shared that earlier that day she had been to the food market to pick up a few staples for her kids, nothing fancy, just milk, bread and cheese. When she went to pay the cashier she was short ten shekels. The fellow behind her in line saw her distress, and was nice enough to pick up the bill, but the exchange left her mortified. 

Feeling heartbroken for this mother of five who was clearly ashamed and in need, Miriam knew who to call. She called Anat Safrir at the social services department. As she shared the story, Anat without hesitation advised her to take them food parcels. When Miriam got to the woman’s door she was so grateful for the food you were able to provide her. This extra bit of help was exactly what she needed to help her get over this rough time.

Anat knew she had a box of food ready for this family because of YOUR donation!