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Modest is Hottest


What is Modesty?

Modesty is a loaded word. It has been used to describe appropriate behavior and appropriate dress. It has been confused with humility. It is often used to restrict women and rarely used to restrict men. But what does modesty really mean? Does it have a Biblical origin? Is it connected to tradition? To societal norms?

Sondra Oster Baras, an Orthodox Jew who has devoted her life to reaching out to Christians all over the world to bless Israel, will provide a Jewish and Biblical perspective on modesty and will explain some of the more widely observed Jewish customs that are related to modesty, while Kimberly Troup, Christian Zionist director of CFOIC Heartland’s US office, and Tommy Waller, Christian Zionist director of HaYovel, will share a Christian perspective on modesty including the challenges they face in raising children in a society that is all too often influenced by Hollywood.

If there is a topic you would like to see Sondra and Tommy discuss in a future episode, please let us know. Send us your thoughts and questions at Kim@cfoic.com

2 thoughts on “Modest is Hottest”

  1. Dear Mentor am so grateful for your continuing teaching and revelation you expose to us modesty has a very diversity of meaning but through your teaching I can now be able to teach in the church which I serve
    My question is dressing o men and women can you please give bibilical history and world history about dressing is too confuse
    Girls are coming to church half naked why

  2. I really enjoyed listening to this!
    I have gone back & forth from growing up wearing both slacks & dresses to only dresses/skirts and head coverings for about twenty two years, then slacks again w/ dresses/skirts occasionally. Yes, being a part of different churches has sometimes influenced me, and sometimes not. I liked your discussion about expressing oneself vs. dressing to fit in.
    At 60, I still waver with this.

    I would have liked to hear you define nakedness from The Bible, because that is one measure.
    Yet, I see that your discussion went to the heart, which is what God looks at.

    I used to bemoan the immodesty of men at times, even within the Mennonite community we were a part of for a few years.
    Now, I see the degradation to effeminate style in mens clothes in many circles. That disturbs me!!

    I am pondering your version of Micah 6:8. I have never heard the word, modestly in that passage. Very interesting!

    And probably because we have an old dvd about the Waller family, I watched this. đŸ˜€
    I would definitely watch more of your discussions.

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