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August 2022

August 2022

           Dear Friend of Israel,

Elections were called a few weeks ago and ever since then, the news is full of politics. I usually follow every nuance in politics with avid interest. But the political situation in Israel has become so insane that even I am losing interest. I think the straw that broke the camel’s back was the announcement that Gidon Saar and Benny Gantz were joining forces. Gidon Saar is right-wing. He began in the Likud and then split from the Likud, like so many others who had been badly treated by Netanyahu. But even in this past government, he and Bennett insisted on their identities as right-wing leaders. But Gantz is left-wing. As Minister of Defense he has caused real damage to the settlement movement. The only thing that these two men have in common is their antipathy for Netanyahu. Is that a basis for political cooperation? Is that a basis for voter decisions?

Unfortunately, as you can see in the July newsletter, Israeli politics has deteriorated and it is impossible to figure out who to vote for. While I have my own criticism of Netanyahu, I make my voter decisions based on the issues. And Judea and Samaria has always been one of the most important issues I consider when going to the polls. But it is also important to me to assess the credibility of a leader and his overall leadership style and ability to unite the country around vital Biblical principles. Today, that is an impossible assignment.

But there is good news coming out of Israel and that is what I have come to tell you today. Read the enclosed Heartland Story and learn about the Sadna program which is achieving amazing success with special-needs children, thanks in no small part to your support. In Revava, builders are working, as I write this letter, to construct a new neighborhood of pre-fab homes to absorb new immigrants from Ukraine. Thanks to your wonderful donations, communities throughout Judea and Samaria are installing vital security and surveillance equipment.

The people of Israel are far stronger, far more committed and far more Biblically based than our leaders. And through CFOIC Heartland, you are able to connect to these real and amazing people. Forget the politicians. We can accomplish so much just by setting Biblical goals and sticking to them. Thank you for partnering with us in this important endeavor for so many years. Together, we can ensure a strong and Biblically-based Israel.


Sondra Oster Baras
Director, Israel Office

P.S. Israel is now open for visitors! No masks or vaccines are required. Space on this exclusive tour is limited. Don’t delay. Register today! Visit our website at www.cfoic.com/tour to register online.

P.P.S. Please see the enclosed Heartland Stories for a beautiful story of hope from the community of Gevaot and the Sadna school. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of special needs children in Israel!