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Israel Update- August 1, 2023

 Sondra does her best to  explain what is happening in Israel with all the chaos surrounding judicial reform.   Thanks for being so supportive of Israel! https://youtu.be/_j_4s_EVCj0

Israel Update- Jun 20, 2023

Sondra discussed the recent IDF operation in Jenin and the implications of increased Iranian involvement in Israel on so much that is happening in Judea and Samaria.  Just hours after this meeting, terrorists opened fire on a restaurant in Samaria and murdered 4 people, mostly teen-agers.  Just horrible.  But everything  discussed in this meeting pointed … Read more

Israel Update- May 16, 2023

Sondra reviewed the situation with Gaza, after the recent campaign, and presented a perspective on Pentecost / Shavuot and Passover and the connection between them.   Thanks for being so supportive of Israel! https://youtu.be/WNf7ezq38C8

Israel Update- April 18, 2023

It was so special that this meeting took place on Holocaust Remembrance Day and that participants were able to share their thoughts on this special day.   Thank you for being so understanding and supportive of the Jewish People.    Thanks for being so supportive of Israel! https://youtu.be/s_zMIyWVOjo

Israel Update- March 21, 2023

This update tries to clarify the issues surrounding judicial reform and the chaos that is happening in Israel today.  It is hoped that things will settle down and that we will be able to enjoy the holidays in a spirit of brotherhood and love.  But it is also essential that the government promote the policies … Read more

Israel Update- February 14, 2023

As you will see in this update things are very difficult in Israel right now. In Israel, even when as one gets angry at another, all do so as brothers. Although one must admit that some of the accusations being flung back and forth have lost their brotherly nature. But there are always enemies who … Read more

An Introduction to Israeli Settlements -Part 1& 2

Israeli Settlements 101 – Part 1: The Biblical Foundation for Zionism and the Settlement Movement The best answer we have for today is turning to the Bible. We hope you enjoy this Bible teaching from Genesis 12 and Deuteronomy 30. Israeli Settlements 101 – Part 2: History of Modern Zionism and the Settlement Movement We … Read more

Israel Update- January 10, 2023

So much politics again but that is the nature of the news these days.  Here is a perspective that is different from what you are hearing in your local media.  It is hoped that this new government will take the final steps to legalize the small pioneering communities of Judea and Samaria.  Thanks for being … Read more

Israel Update – May 18, 2021
Hosted by Joy Heylen

When Joy Heylen and Sondra Baras first planned this update from Israel, they never dreamed that there would be so much to talk about. But, unfortunately, things are quite crazy in Israel today, on so many fronts, and we hope Sondra was able to convey the main highlights to you. We were thrilled with the … Read more

Saving Lives in Rechalim

Every now and then, we get to witness something truly miraculous. Recently I was able to experience one such miracle, a miracle that you, and other donors of CFOIC Heartland, directly helped to bring about. It is a story that I can’t help but share. Your funds, donated just last year, literally saved lives a few … Read more