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Sussya Virtual Tour

Once again, CFOIC Heartland is excited to bring you another exclusive virtual tour! In this episode, join Sondra Oster Baras and Danny Ehrlich in the Biblical town and modern-day community of Sussya, where you’ll get to see the remains of an ancient synagogue, discover the meaning behind the “rolling stone,” and learn about Sussya’s extraordinary residents. You don’t want to miss it!

Click below to watch this wonderful virtual tour!

It is the rare ancient community that is rebuilt in modern times, at the very same place as its ancient forebear. Sussya is one such place. The modern community is similar to so many of the Jewish communities located in the Hebron Hills area of Judea, just south of Hebron. But what makes Sussya so special is the ancient community of the same name that has been excavated just “next door.” When the first pioneers settled in Sussya, they not only experienced the renewal of Jewish life in an area where Abraham once tended his flocks and King David first met Abigail, but they were able to rebuild ancient Sussya.

But the struggles and challenges that face Sussya and the other communities in the area are quite different from those that faced Biblical Abraham and David. Local Palestinian terrorists are determined to drive the Jews from their ancient homeland, and continue to threaten Jewish life in this area on a daily basis. With your help, the people of the Hebron Hills will have the protection and fire-fighting equipment they so desperately need to keep them safe. 

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May God bless you richly!



Sondra Oster Baras
Israel Director
CFOIC Heartland