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Summer 2017

Will you help protect the children of Nofei Nechemia?

Nofei Nechemia
Nofei Nechemia

Emergency needs are a tricky thing. Like any insurance— medical, life, fire– you
invest, paying your premiums month after month, year after year, praying never to
cash in on your policy. The people of Nofei Nechemia are concerned for what is
most important to them… their families and their homes. They need to ensure that
their families are protected.
In the name Nofei Nechemia you find the Hebrew work for view… scenery… and if you
visit this lovely community, you’ll look out at some of the most breathtaking vistas of
Samaria. But if you look past the beauty, you realize just how vulnerable they really are.
Nofei Nechemia is situated in hostile territory, a region that has suffered terrible terrorist
attacks. The people of Nofei Nechemia know they must settle this beautiful piece of land,
but they also know they must never take their safety for granted. They need emergency
lighting, life-saving medical equipment and a public address system.
Won’t you answer the call and help them take care of their most pressing emergency

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Stand Up For Israel.

Joy Heylen: An Aussie on a Mission of Love

Joy Heylen
Joy Heylen

Australian Joy Heylen came to Israel for the first time in 1999.She admits she didn’t have a clue about Israel but then she started reading… Isaiah… Zechariah… “And suddenly I saw it all and started meeting with others who loved Israel.” In 2001 Joy visited the Kotel for the first time. She touched the wall “and I was down like a pack of cards. I started sobbing, feeling like the Shechina— the Holy Spirit of God—had never departed from this place.” Joy has returned to Israel every year since… sometimes twice. “There’s something about the people, the land. In Australia I feel like I am in exile. In Israel I feel closer to God.” And then, in 2003, Joy came to Shiloh on a Feast Tour with CFOIC Heartland. It was her first time visiting Judea and Samaria and the rest, as they say, is history. Little by little, through talks with director Sondra Oster Baras and

Students in Judea and Samaria
Students in Judea and Samaria

through readings on her own, Joy realized what God wanted her to be doing with the settlements. And she likes to use the word settlements (a word which the media uses disparagingly), because that’s what the Israeli pioneers of the Biblical Heartland are doing— settling the land. Joy learned that the so-called settlements make up a very small part of Judea and Samaria. “And the world says Israel is occupying Palestinian land? Pushing them out of their land? Such lies!”


Pioneers in our day

Aviva Yisraeli:

Aviva Yisraeli
Aviva Yisraeli
Aviva Yisraeli's Family
Aviva Yisraeli’s Family

Though Aviva was only nine years old when her family made Aliyah from Canada, she remembers clearly, feeling wonderfully excited. She was young enough not to be nervous about making the move and was ready to enjoy what living in a Jewish country would mean. Outside of Israel she always felt that being Jewish set her apart… made her different. In Israel she was home. And one of the perks was being able to go to the mall and eat everything in the Food Court because all the restaurants were kosher! Though she realizes that moving to Israel was her parents’ choice, Aviva claims that her insistence and ability to acclimate and acclimate well, was her own. She remembers convincing her mother to send her on a camping trip with her friends because “You become Israeli in the summer!” Her family lived in Efrat for five years and then moved to Tekoa, another community in Gush Etzion, and there she has stayed.

Give Thanks

Neve Zuf Firefighters
Neve Zuf Firefighters

We stand in awe, thankful to God for the great miracle, that He bestowed upon our community and its inhabitants, by thwarting their plans and insuring that there were no fatalities. The great embrace that we have received from people in Israel and from our Christian friends throughout the world has given us added strength. To those that brought supplies and food, day and night with very little rest and all those that have aided us financially we owe a great debt. Your support, added a lot of light during the dark days. We hope that thanks to your generous contributions and together with the assistance we receive from governmental and municipal agencies, we will be able to revive our infrastructure, our services and our forest. Most importantly we will begin the process to rebuild the lives and homes of our neighbors and friends. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

With great appreciation,
Shulamit R imel
On behalf of the residents of
Neve Zuf – Halamish