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A Visit With Shmuel: Telem

Join me as I visit Telem, a small and isolated community of ninety families located just outside Hebron. The people of Telem, salt of the earth Zionist pioneers, have created a close-knit community where everyone is family. They are farmers, laborers, and professionals who wish to develop their ancestral homeland while raising their families with Biblical values. The expansive views surrounding Telem offer spacious land to create affordable housing and build a large thriving community in Biblical Israel.  
However, living in a place surrounded by hostile Arab neighbors demands an unwavering focus on defending Jewish life. In addition to the ongoing threat of terrorism, Telem faces a clandestine battle nobody talks about – Arabs stealing Jewish land. The brave pioneers of Telem are truly safeguarding Jewish land in the Biblical Heartland.
With God’s help, one day soon, we will visit Telem’s beautiful new observation deck together and enjoy the sweeping panoramic views of the Hebron Hills in person. Until then, join me on this virtual tour of the community of Telem.
As I mentioned in my video, Telem is surrounded by hostile Arab towns and villages, with the large town of Tarkumiya, just a stone’s throw away. Their current security measures are inadequate due to their limited resources. The expansive surrounding land, which holds great potential for the future development of Jewish life in the Hebron Hills, is also a grave liability. Telem’s understaffed security team can only patrol two access points simultaneously, leaving the remaining six access points vulnerable at any given moment. Telem needs your help to purchase a comprehensive surveillance system that will enable first responders to stop terrorist threats effectively and to protect the men, women, and children of Telem in the heart of Biblical Judea.

God Bless,


Shmuel Junger
Development Director
CFOIC Heartland

Telem is Vulnerable!

Here is a satellite photo of Telem. The green line marks the community’s perimeter and the red points mark the areas where cameras are desperately needed. 

Your donation today will help Telem purchase and install surveillance cameras along this vast border. You can give the families of Telem security and peace of mind!