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SB Feb 2020

Dear Friend,

Back to routine!  Isn’t that how you all feel after the Christmas / New Year holiday season?  I know that’s how I feel when our Jewish New Year / Feast of Tabernacles season ends in the fall.  Even as we love the holidays, after all the gifts, the food, the special prayers and the family and friends, it is still good to get back to normal, back to work, back to quiet.

As I look forward to this new year of 2020, I am particularly excited about our second annual tour headed by our Australian representative, Joy Heylen.  We first launched this tour this past September.  Joy has an amazing heart for Israel and has been coming to Israel for months at a time for many years.  She really knows this country and has traveled it along its length and breadth, treasuring every step, every stone and every creek, mountain and valley of this land.  Joy and I both felt the time had come for her to lead a CFOIC Heartland tour and it was an amazing success.  The participants were mostly from Australia and many had been in Israel before on other tours.  But every day, I heard them say, over and over again, this is the best tour of Israel – better than anything they had ever done or seen.  They thanked me and thanked Joy for enabling them to experience Israel in a personal and spiritual way like never before.

Coming on the heels of that success, it is my pleasure to enclose the brochure with full details for this next tour – to take place in October 2020.  It is a two-week tour and that extended time gives us the time we need to explore the popular sites of Israel as well as those places off-the-beaten track.  There are several days in Judea and Samaria which include meeting with people who have sacrificed everything to settle this Biblically vital area of the Land.  And we will visit the Negev, Ashkelon, the Dead Sea, Tel-Aviv in addition to Jerusalem and the Galilee.   If you have never been to Israel before or if you have been – this tour will give you what you are looking for and so much more!

Please review the brochure and consider whether this is the time for you to be in Israel.  Open your heart to your truest, most holy desires – I believe you will find this tour is what you really want to do.  I will look forward to welcoming you in Israel on the 16th of October!


Sondra Oster Baras