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Does Passover relate to Easter?

Passover is one of the most loved and celebrated holidays in the Jewish faith.  Commemorating the Exodus from Egypt and reflecting the Biblical commandments with regard to this wonderful Feast of the Lord, Passover is a time when families gather around a long dinner table, recount the Passover story and enjoy a family meal complete with the traditional matzah and wine.  Easter is a particularly holy day for Christians as they celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Easter bunnies and eggs are part of the traditions as well as prayer and reflection.  But are these holidays connected in any way?  They always fall very close to each other on the calendar – is that a coincidence?

Sondra Oster Baras, an Orthodox Jew who has devoted her life to reaching out to Christians all over the world to bless Israel, shares the meaning of Passover with her Christian friends as well as a Jewish perspective on Easter, a holiday once associated with anti-Semitism in Europe.  Kimberly Troup, Christian Zionist director of CFOIC Heartland’s US office, and Tommy Waller, also a Christian Zionist, discuss the pagan origins of some of the Easter customs while creating a bridge of love and understanding between Easter and Passover.

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