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2020 Israel Tours


These tours features exclusive visits to CFOIC Heartland communities in Judea and Samaria. Click the dates for more information on each tour!

March 15-26, 2020                             October 16-29, 2020

Journey Through the Land and Meet Abraham’s Descendants Living in Biblical Israel Today!


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Watch highlights from the 2014 CFOIC Heartland
Israel Tour: Promise to Possession.

$2,195 USD – LAND ONLY

Single Supplement: $700 USD

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All prices based on double occupancy with a minimum of 20 tour participants. We welcome registration from around the world. If you would like assistance booking your airfare please contact us.

US Host: Kimberly Troup                            Israel Host: Sondra Oster Baras
Director, CFOIC Heartland – USA                 Director, CFOIC Heartland – Israel

MEET the people who are settling the Land of Israel. LISTEN to stories of faith and courage. EXPERIENCE the Heartland of Biblical Israel LIKE NEVER BEFORE!

Visit Jerusalem, Hebron, Bethlehem, the Jordan Valley, the Sea of Galilee, Gush Katif refugees in Nitzan, the Psagot winery, plant Trees in Samaria, and much more. For a free brochure with the complete itinerary click here. Or visit tourisraelheartland.com for more info.

We welcome registration from all over the world!

A $500 deposit is required to reserve your space on this tour. Please arrange your flights to and from Israel to arrive in Israel before 4PM on Saturday March 23, 2019 and to depart after 1 AM on Friday, March 31, 2017. Call or email us from where ever you are – we look forward to seeing you in Israel!

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