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Israel at War: Everything You Need to Know

How Did We Get Here?

In 1993 Israel began a process of withdrawal from parts of the Land of Israel in the hopes it would bring us peace and security. Instead we have been brutally attacked by terrorists, consistently and without interruption from every piece of territory that we abandoned.  

The Palestinian Authority was supposed to be our partner in peace; instead they support terrorists. In 2005 in an extraordinary act of goodwill Israel withdrew entirely from the Gaza Strip, uprooting close to 10,000 Israeli citizens from their homes, farms and businesses. Shortly afterward, Hamas overthrew the PA government in Gaza and took over, determined to destroy Israel, and murder every last Jew in the Middle East, Since then, they have become the most dangerous terrorist threat to Israel, sending artillery and rocket fire across the border on a regular basis.

For years, Israel responded to these attacks on the assumption that it could contain Hamas. International pressure forced Israel to refrain from defeating Hamas decisively. But Israel invested heavily in a security barrier, in electronics, and all sorts of defensive measures to ensure that we were protected and that we had truly separated from Gaza.

No one expected the horrific attack of October 7th. Under our very eyes, Hamas trained its terrorists, amassed weapons, vehicles, and missiles, and gathered intelligence on the communities closest to the Gaza border. They unleashed their evil and massacred our people. And all our protective measures collapsed.

Today, the world is beginning to understand what so many in Israel understood for years.

Who is Affected?

The devastating Hamas attack on the Negev communities has etched a deep scar on our collective soul. Survivors, now temporary refugees, struggle to find their footing while mourning the loss of family and friends, deeply traumatized by their ordeals. Their homes, once filled with life and laughter, now stand as charred ruins, serving as solemn reminders of their lives, now irrevocably altered.

For these survivors, the tragedy extends beyond the loss of bricks and mortar. The fires set by terrorists devoured not just homes but all their belongings; treasured possessions and the comforts of everyday life were all reduced to ashes. Now, they grapple with the daunting task of rebuilding not just homes, but the shattered pieces of their lives.

In the grim shadow of this ordeal, the plight of the two hundred Israelis held captive in Gaza adds another layer of anguish. Their futures remain obscured by a heavy shroud of uncertainty. Many bear the physical injuries of the violent attack in dire need of critical medical care. Others, elderly and ailing, teeter on the brink without their life-saving medications.

The families of the hostages, scattered across Israel, endure an unrelenting , torment. Each Israeli air attack over Gaza sends their hearts plummeting, haunted l by the cruel possibility of their loved ones possibly caught in the crossfire.

Yet, this pain, born of the unspeakable atrocities committed by Hamas, is not borne by these families alone. It ripples through the heart of every Jewish family in Israel. Everyone in Israel has been either directly affected or knows someone who was affected. There is no one among us who remains untouched  by this tragedy.

How is Israel Responding?

Our nation was rocked to Its core. The joyful festivities of the holiday of Shmini Atzeret shattered as a staggering force of over a thousand terrorists launched a stunning assault, breaching the Israeli border. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF, renowned for its unwavering vigilance and significant resources against potential threats were caught off guard.

With startling precision, these terrorists seized control of military bases along the border, invaded 22 neighboring towns, and unleashed a merciless assault on hundreds of Israelis gathered for a music festival in the southern region. The innocent civilians of the Negev region bore the brutal brunt of this unprecedented assault, subjected to savage attacks in their own homes, slaughtered, sexually assaulted, and burned alive; their homes were torched, leaving behind a trail of destruction and devastation.

The aftermath is nothing short of catastrophic. The death toll surpassed 1,400, and over 3,000 individuals were injured. Tragically, more than 200 were kidnapped and taken into Gaza, including infants, children, women, and the elderly. Recovered evidence clearly shows that the terrorists meticulously prepared for this attack: Their sole intent was to inflict maximum harm and overtake towns and villages for an extended period.

In response, Israel launched a massive airstrike campaign against Gaza, targeting terrorist bases and hidden missile launch sites. Scores of Israeli civilians have been called up to defend our nation in preparation for a potential land invasion of Gaza. Remarkably, a nation previously divided by months’ of political and religious discord set side their differences in an instant. The Jewish people came together, united in their ancent bond of fellowship and prayer to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Whether standing on the front lines or supporting  the Homefront, the people are eagerly awaiting the full extent of their nation’s resolve to safe guard its citizens. 

The path forward is unequivocal- Hamas cannot be appeased. You cannot feed the beast. The beast must be destroyed. 

How Can You Help?

The cloud of anxiety extends far beyond the southern region of our nation. Hezbollah, Iran’s ominous presence in die north, has begun testing the waters of conflict. Some northern communities have already been evacuated due to rocket fire from Lebanon and are bracing for a potential attack like the one that befell our southern communities.

In Judea and Samaria, where terror is always looming, isolated communities are even more exposed to imminent threats. Arab support for Hamas is on the rise, and the people of Judea and  Samaria fear that the violence that erupted in the south may spill over to other fronts within Israel, from the Hamas-affiliated villages surrounding them and the mixed cities.

With countless men called up for active duty, including vital security personnel and many trained first response team members, safeguarding the women, children, and the elderly left behind has grown exponentially more complex. Hundreds of thousands of families have been touched by this war. With husbands and fathers on the front lines, their families face the challenging reality of single parenting. These resilient mothers must handle the practical aspects of daily life, their jobs, and their young children’s fears and anxieties about their fathers and the war.

Your support can be a lifeline for  these families, uplifting them by providing the resources they need to navigate these challenging times. The courageous people of Judea and Samaria, armed and unarmed, have stepped up to protect their communities, with even teenagers volunteering as perimeter scouts. But many communities are woefully understaffed and lack vital security equipment.

In the face of unspeakable horrors that befell some southern communities, a few managed to avoid a massacre . Those communities had dedicated teams of first responders who had prepared for ‘.he unthinkable. Their readiness paid off as they successfully thwarted a barbaric attack on October 7th. The lesson is clear: preparation is our best defense against the unimaginable. CFOIC Heartland has launched an emergency war campaign. We have already received countless requests for help with purchasing protective helmets, vests, drones, and other critical security equipment nHded to confront the mounting threats . Your support can help ensure that we are prepared to safeguard our communities. Your gift can save lives 




• Pray for God to defeat Israel’s enemy ISAIAH 42:13

• Pray for the safe return of the brave IDF soldiers. JOSHUA 1:9

• Pray that Israeli and world leaders are surrounded by Godly counsel. PROVERBS 20:18

• Pray for unity among Israeli political and military leaders with a goal to win this war. 2 SAMUEL 10:12

• Pray for God to comfort the families whose loved ones were killed, or who are hostages. PSALM23:4

• Beseech the Lord to free the hostages from captivity. ISAIAH 51 :11