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Heartland Story: Moving A Mountain Roi

How do you move a mountain? It starts with unwavering determination, divine assistance, the power of a united community, and one shovel at a time. Two years ago, Tohar Greenberg took on the role of community coordinator in Roi, located in the Jordan Valley. The task before her seemed insurmountable—breathing cohesiveness and unity into ancommunity divided by generational gaps, grappling with economic and social issues. Roi was a ticking time bomb, teetering on the edge of chaos.

When the first pioneering families of Roi arrived in the Jordan Valley, driven by a profound desire to reclaim their ancestral land and protect Israel’s border, they encountered a harsh and unforgiving landscape. Undeterred by the challenges, they toiled tirelessly to make the barren earth bloom. Years of failed crops, economic hardship, and the turbulent waves of terror during the two Intifadas tested their resolve, but they remained steadfast in their pursuit.

The end of the Second Intifada ushered in newfound peace, allowing the farmers of Roi to thrive. They achieved economic stability, successfully cultivating date crops for local consumption and export. However, an unexpected drama unfolded when the second generation began returning to Roi, eager to raise their families and strengthen the Jewish presence in the region. The original pioneers, who had built the moshav, an agricultural cooperative, were torn between their concerns that these families would diminish their hard-earned income from the date plantations they painstakingly nurtured, and the greater good of expanding Jewish presence in the region.

Moving mountains begins with a dream. And fulfilling Biblical Prophecy is a dream that can move mountains. Amid this strife, the people of Roi embarked on a journey to reshape their destiny. Tohar Greenberg, a beacon of determination and unity, played a pivotal role in mending the rift. She nurtured connections, fostered understanding, and planted the seeds of unity.

Life in Roi has never been easy. The forty-eight families residing there face extreme isolation and vulnerability to ongoing threats of terrorism. The harsh desert climate limits outdoor activities, necessitating air-conditioned indoor spaces for most activities. There are limited indoor recreational options and even fewer venues for people to socialize and build strong community bonds. The local indoor play center had been a lifeline for young families. Unfortunately, the years have taken their toll, and the facility was in dire need of renovation.

Tohar saw the potential for the play center to become more than just a facility for children. She hoped it could be a catalyst for change and a symbol of hope for the entire community. Little did she know the far-reaching impact it would have. The leadership in Roi recognized that enhancing the quality of life would pave the way to progress and turned to CFOIC Heartland for assistance in purchasing new equipment for the play center. And you answered their call with overwhelming generosity.

Today, the newly renovated play center stands as a vibrant hub, bringing solace and connection to the community. It is no longer just for young families- grandmothers bring their visiting grandchildren, immersing them in an outlet for their youthful energy. The local preschool utilizes the center during the day, and teenagers eagerly volunteer there in the afternoons. Even residents from neighboring communities in the Jordan Valley flock to this local attraction. “You encouraged development and growth for our younger residents while fostering deep bonds and unity for the community at large,” Tohar says.

After years of discord, the play center is a meeting ground for young parents and older residents alike, where newfound camaraderie and shared purpose thrive. Tohar exclaims with unwavering conviction: “This has been the best thing to happen in Roi!” The energy is contagious, and the spirit of unity pervades the air. As plans for a new residential development take shape, the mountain of discord that once loomed over Roi begins to yield.

This tale is a testament to the pioneering spirit of the people of Roi. With unwavering determination, divine guidance, and collective efforts, they have embarked on a transformative journey to reshape their beloved community—one shovel at a time. Your unwavering support has played a pivotal role in breathing new life into the community of Roi, and for that, they are forever indebted to you. Together, we have moved mountains in Roi, and together, we will continue to shape a brighter future.