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Community Projects | Christian Friends of Israeli Communities

Community Projects enable donors from all over the world to assist the communities in Judea and Samaria with their most basic needs. Each project includes a detailed description of the community and its specific need, as well as a budget that indicates the financial components of the project. Whether you are able to donate funds to cover the entire project or can donate a small amount towards a project, your contribution will make a real difference in the ability of the community to provide a vital need to its residents. The CFOIC Heartland Israel office supervises the distribution of funds and completion of the project. Once completed, a plaque is hung in a prominent place indicating that the project has been funded by Christian Friends of Israeli Communities, a testament to the practical import of Christian support for Israel.

Adorah: Fitness Center

$6,920.00 Goal

Even a small donation will do so much to help these dedicated pioneers grow their community, as you provide them with safe and healthy recreation opportunities within the safety of their own community.

Bat Ayin – The Gift of Learning

$13,419.00 Donated
$29,410.00 Goal

With your help, this incredible place of learning will be able to continue its work, continue to offer a space for young Jews to study and reconnect with their faith. Help them keep this dream alive!

Dolev – The Gift of Music

$25.00 Donated
$24,575.00 Goal

The teenagers of Dolev need a place they can call their own, a place where they can make music.

Elazar – An Open Heart

$1,299.87 Donated
$19,360.00 Goal

You can provide the assistance they need to renovate and furnish the library and to establish a community archive. Open your hearts to these accepting Judean pioneers, and bless Elazar with a library fit for all.

Etz Ephraim – Every Citizen Cared For

$1,456.34 Donated
$30,350.00 Goal

Etz Ephraim needs your help to support their youth programs and their library, cornerstones of cohesiveness in this special community. With your help, the diverse population that makes up Etz Ephraim can be brought together. Bless this diverse and caring community today with vital programs and resources for learning, care, and growth.

Gush Etzion Seniors

$19,203.01 Donated
$29,420.00 Goal

The senior citizens of Gush Etzion want to live out their golden years in dignity and comfort. They have given so much to build Israel and now you have an opportunity to give something back to them. Will you help these amazing seniors with dental care, home repairs and heating costs? Will you provide a safe environment for seniors with dementia?

Har Gilo: Senior Citizens Center

$12,484.00 Donated
$76,200.00 Goal

Will you invest in the senior citizens of Har Gilo and give something back to those who got it all started?

Jordan Valley – Help for the Hurting

$16,853.87 Donated
$20,245.00 Goal

You can help these Sabras heal their soft insides and become stronger, more productive citizens, and bring comfort and stability to this vital region of the Biblical Heartland.

Karnei Shomron Seniors

$8,514.80 Donated
$23,470.00 Goal

The seniors of Karnei Shomron are blessed to grow old in the community that they built, and their children are determined to give them the best care possible. Your donation today will help them furnish the senior center and transform it into a warm and welcome place for the seniors to spend time in.

Kfar Adumim Library

$4,644.53 Donated
$10,380.00 Goal

You have an opportunity to bless Kfar Adumim’s senior citizens who built this wonderful community. Your donation today will ensure that the senior center continues to be open, comfortable, and accessible to every senior citizen in Kfar Adumim.