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Heartland Highlight

Each month, CFOIC Heartland chooses one of our many community projects to highlight for that month. It always represents a real and pressing need of that community and gives you the opportunity to support a different community each month.

Neve Zuf – Rising from the ashes

$4,252.85 Donated
$62,280.00 Goal

Terrorists burned down seventeen homes in Neve Zuf, but they will never burn down the ideology that inspired the creation of this special community.

Etz Ephraim – Every Citizen Cared For

$287.34 Donated
$30,350.00 Goal

Etz Ephraim needs your help to support their youth programs and their library, cornerstones of cohesiveness in this special community. With your help, the diverse population that makes up Etz Ephraim can be brought together. Bless this diverse and caring community today with vital programs and resources for learning, care, and growth.

Jordan Valley – Help for the Hurting

$15,091.87 Donated
$20,245.00 Goal

You can help these Sabras heal their soft insides and become stronger, more productive citizens, and bring comfort and stability to this vital region of the Biblical Heartland.

Elazar – An Open Heart

$1,196.87 Donated
$19,360.00 Goal

You can provide the assistance they need to renovate and furnish the library and to establish a community archive. Open your hearts to these accepting Judean pioneers, and bless Elazar with a library fit for all.


$21,035.00 Donated
$21,035.00 Goal

Security is not a luxury; it is a necessity. And we need your help to ensure that Dolev has the security equipment they need. Without a functioning radio system, the rapid responders of Dolev will not be able to stop the violent terrorists who are so eager to infiltrate the community.

Zufim: Protect Innocent Civilians

$39,475.00 Donated
$39,475.00 Goal

Zufim is relying on your help to protect the men, women and children who are settling the mountains of Biblical Israel. Your donation today will help purchase additional surveillance cameras to ensure that the terrorists are seen before they can murder innocent civilians. Your donation today may well save a life!

Otniel Community Center – May 2020

$3,368.02 Donated
$6,150.00 Goal

The people of Otniel have always drawn their strength from their community.  No one is an island, and no one needs to go through life alone and afraid. Your gift today is a testament to your belief in Otniel’s validity and vitality!

Eshkolot – April 2020

$1,323.00 Donated
$29,360.00 Goal

Your donation will help install new flooring, doors, and windows, and a bathroom. With your help, they will paint the walls and stock the place with books, games, furniture, and a pool table. 

Revava Surveillance – March 2020

$5,847.62 Donated
$16,540.00 Goal

With your generous donation today Revava will be able to install thermal cameras at their most vulnerable locations. Your donation may well save countless lives in the heart of Biblical Israel!